How to build a strong and unforgettable Brand

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How to build a strong and unforgettable Brand

You’ve probably heard me say this statement before but I’m going to say it again, a logo is not a brand it is just a small piece of the delicious branding pie. A brand consists of great copy, clear mission statements and shit hot images and graphics.

Your brand is your business’s personality. A successful brand is emotionally connected to their consumers. So how do I do that I hear you ask? What on earth is she talking about your thinking?

Humour is probably the most effective emotional branding strategy you can use to sell to your consumers discreetly and avoid feeling like a sleazy second-hand car dealer.

This strategy allows you to transform ordinary products into the must-have product. Making your customers feel like your products are the most exciting one out there, but isn’t much different from other brands and probably not much different in price. Still, we find ourselves completely entranced by their commercials and social media presence.

Here are some examples of brands who are killing it with humour

The Dollar Shave Club
Their ad is just bloody hilarious, their statement “our blades are f**king great” says it all! No bullshit and straight to the point! Consumers are all clued into the tricks of traditional advertisement they can smell the bullshit a mile away! The ad is unconventional and outrageous, but this is why people love Dollar Shave Club.

Once a small business with no big budget for an all singing all dancing production or to advertise on the TV. They decided to use YouTube to promote their ad campaign.

This is a great example of how the concept of using humour to promote a “smart business” can help your video campaigns go viral.

2. Muzzle App
Ever been in a meeting or doing a presentation and an embarrassing notification pops up? This generally happened to a university pal of mine. She was in a meeting with a lecturer forgetting she had been chatting to us in the group chat on facebook messenger when someone in the group decided to have a rant about that same lecturer Oops!

Muzzle uses humour in a visual way and the show don’t tell method.
As soon as you’ve landed on their website you know instantly what their product does. Using the most outrageous of messages that would turn anybody’s face turn redder than a giant tomato. You definitely wouldn’t want these popping up on your screen when you’re in the middle of doing a presentation or in a meeting with a client.

If you fancy a chuckle you need to visit their website…

Both these brands are unconventional and don’t “fit the mould,”. They know who their consumer personas are and importantly they are not trying to please everyone. The CEO of Muzzle made a statement saying “If you are offended by our website then don’t visit plain and simple” This is a perfect example of a brand being true to themselves and not letting the fear of offending folk stop them from changing who they are.

So here are a few things we can take from these big brands

1. Turn mistakes into positive solutions
We all make embarrassment mistakes, learn from it, take your real life failed experiences and turn it into a positive solution.
2. Humour always works
3. Get creative, show don’t tell.
4. If you’re talking to everyone, your talking to no one.
Stop pleasing everyone, It’s impossible. If they don’t like you or what you do or say they can take a hike they are clearly not your people.

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