Website Training

Our website training allows you to be in control of your website.

In this digital era it is never been more important to update your content on a regualar basis. The purpose of the training is so small business owners and creative entreprenurs can maintain and update thier website without the fear of breaking their new website.

Who should attend the training?

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people.

The course is designed for our clients who have purchased one of our websites from the website packages and want to learn more on how to use WordPress, and thier website theme.

Where does the training session take place?


We can come to you

A studio space at a location of your choice will be booked in advanced or we can come to you.

What you will learn:



  • Understanding how your website works
  • Customising your website and creating stylish layouts
  • Applying your brand elements


  • Backing up your website & keeping it secure
  • SEO basics
  • Updating plugins


  • Working with menus
  • Working with widgets
  • Using plugins
  • Contact forms


  • Newsletter sign-up integration

Supportive training resources:

  • WordPress guidelines
  • Access to our video tutorials
  • Visual Builder guidelines

Get in touch to book your training session

In a hurry? Need a website and know how to use it urgently?

Get started with our fast track online website training and you can be up and running with a new website in a couple of hours. 

Dip into our online Knowledgebase and unlock modules which build on your basic knowledge. Ideal for the tech savvy and the do it yourselfer who don’t require one on one support.