Discover your Brand DNA

Our half day brand workshop brings together key members of your team over brewtastic tea and scrumptious biscuits.

Our Brand DNA Workshop ensures your brand’s genetic code and its purpose are connected throughout your entire business, aligning your team and reinforcing every decision you make. Anyone communicating your brand, either internally or externally, should be able to describe your brand consistently and effectively in just a few short sentences.

Connecting with your customers based on shared values and purpose is what makes you relevant and unique.

It’s designed to help define the most powerful marketing tool you have – your brand.

Who should attend the brand workshop?

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 people for some creative brainstorming.

It is important that you include the people most involved in creating the strategy for success in your business. This usually means owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Department, Marketing Directors and Customer Service Directors – all of whom have valuable insights.

Getting their input will improve the chances of building a better brand structure for the future growth of your business.

The brand workshop can help define business objectives and strategies.

Where does the workshop take place?


We can come to you

A studio space at a location of your choice will be booked in advanced or we can come to you.

What will be achieved on the day?


Discover your brand identity

During the session we will discuss all the customer touchpoints putting ourselves in the shoes of your target audience. That way we can better understand them. Their challenges. Their needs. And pinpoint who your brand is talking to.

We’ll discuss your brand attributes and business objectives. This way we can discover your buisness personailty and how you want others to see you.

After the session we gather all the information we need to build your unique position within the market.

We’ll put all this together in a report – a document that will be your guide when it comes to brand positioning. Everyone in your team can then refer to it to ensure they are following your brands guidelines so they can represent you brand affectively.

Your position report will contain:

  • Your customer profiles and how your brand can meet their needs and resolve painpoints.
  • Establishes your brand personality
  • Sets the tone of voice for your brand
  • Provides the brand position
  • Informs brand communication strategy
  • Informs creative thinking
  • Acts as a brief to anyone communicating the brand
  • Provides your mission statement – a single compelling paragraph that describes your brand.

Discovering your true values

The Brand Position report brings clarity to your brand vision and gives your team more than just an understanding of your brand. It gives us what we need to prepare a solid brief to start the creative thinking process.

We now have clear understanding of what sets you apart from your competitors. We can now see how to bring your brand to life in words, experiences and stunning graphics. Elements which help you attract your ideal customers.

Prices start at £795 + VAT

We offer payment plans designed to accommodate your available budget.