5 min brand health check

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5 min brand health check

It’s important that every successful business is a healthy, vibrant brand. Having a healthy brand means that a business is meeting customer expectations and providing a satisfying experience at every customer touch-points.

For a company to have a healthy brand it needs to have a thorough understanding of the customer needs and interests.

It also needs to know it’s position in the marketplace and what makes it unique.

One of the fundamentals of having a successful brand is making sure your brand values are aligned internally. If your team do not understand your values and are not communicating your brand effectively then your customers won’t get it either. Risking your customers to go elsewhere.

Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself to make sure your brand is healthy and happy:

1. Are your team members/board of directors on the same page?
The success of a brand starts at home, the beliefs of your staff and agency partners also matter, after all, they’re the ones creating campaigns and taking your brand forward into the marketplace.

Begin conducting your audit internally, this can ensure all members of your team are singing from the same hymn sheet before you embark on the first quarter.

It’s important that everyone knows what your brand stands for and what your company mission and goals are. You can test this by asking team members the same set of questions, such as, ‘What do we stand for?’, ‘What do we sell?’, ‘Who for?’, ‘What makes us unique and Why would they choose us over competitors?’

2. On trend or outdated?
I had one client say “the logo needs to be perfect because I will be using It forever. I don’t want be paying more money to get it redone later” Sorry to burst your bubble but even the big giants fork out money to up their game and make sure they are aligned with the current times. Just take a look at Coca Cola as an example.

Have you ever looked back at a photo of yourself and wondered what on earth you were thinking wearing those platforms (was anyone else a spice girls fan? or grew up in the ’60s)  ? Probably a bad example I bet you’re digging them out of your closet for there UK reunion tour!.  My point is trending change over time and technology is always advancing and moving forward.

Don’t be left behind! Take a look at your brand identity is it in desperate need of a refresh? Or perhaps you’ve just outgrown it? and it no longer aligns with who you are now in terms of success.

3. Is your website up to date?
Google announced last year that they will flag up websites that don’t have an SSL certificate. You will notice some website URLs include https and have a green lock in the search bar. These websites have an SSL installed.

If you own an e-commerce website It is an absolute must! The last thing you want is a “not secure message” popping up when you’re trying to sell your products online.

4. Where are the stats?
Have you got Google analytics installed? It’s a sin if you don’t how on earth are you supposed to know if people are visiting your website? Plus it’s free!

The beauty of Google analytics is that you can see where your visitors are visiting from, how long they spent on your website and what pages they visited.

5. A few choices of words
Are you using the correct word choice on your content? Are you using the right tone of voice? Is it language that your customers can understand and resonate with?

Another thing to consider when writing your content for your website is what would your customers type in the search engines? SEO is key if you want Google to rank your website high on the list. It’s also worth creating my Google business account too so you can fill out your business address so you can rank in the Google map options.

6. Is your brand consistent?
Make sure that your brand is consistent at every customer touch point from your website and social media to your business cards. If you lack consistency you confuse your customers and convey a miss trust vibe, not to mention you end of looking like a complete amateur.

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